Insights & Promote

Track and promote the progress of your environmental actions

We have options on how you can calculate the current carbon footprint of your business to fit what makes sense for your organisation, from simple profiling through to complete auditable carbon accounting if required. We provide tools to help track the results of your actions so you can track progress, share results internally and promote your actions through marketing channels to your customers and investors.

  • We have several options to calculate the full carbon footprint of your business but this is not a requirement to use our platform
  • Benchmark the impact of the corrective actions you implement via the Zerofy platform
  • Promote your progress internally to maximise staff engagement around your companies commitment to improve
  • Your actions are an investment that improve your impact on the planet and should be shouted about to your customers
  • Zerofy helps with ESG reporting and other reporting, as well as client and stakeholder demands when asking about your green credentials